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Adrian Mitchell


Children's Poetry

Nothingmas Day (Allison and Busby 1984)

Strawberry Drums (Anthology, Macdonald 1989)

All My Own Stuff (Simon and Schuster l991).

The Thirteen Secrets Of Poetry (Macdonald 1993).

The Orchard Book Of Poems (Anthology, Orchard Books l995)

Balloon Lagoon (Orchard Books l997)

Dancing In The Street (Anthology for teenagers, Orchard l999)

Zoo of Dreams (Orchard Books 2001)

A Poem a Day (Anthology, Orchard Books 2001)

Daft as a Doughnut (Orchard 2004). Chosen by the Poetry Book Society

as the year's best single author collection of children's poems.

Marat/Sade, adaptation of Peter Weiss play. Calder and Boyars, l964.

The Magic Flute, new libretto. Friends of Covent Garden, 1966.

US: The Book of the Royal Shakespeare Production. Calder and Boyars, 1966

Tyger: A Celebration of the Life and Work of William Blake. Cape 1971.

Tamburlane the Mad Hen in Playspace, Methuen l971.

Man Friday , and Mind Your Head, London: Eyre Methuen, 1974.

Houdini: A Circus-Opera. Clowns, 1977.

Uppendown Mooney. Galactic Smallholdings, l978.

Peer Gynt, adaptation of Henrik Ibsen play. Dartington Theatre Papers series. 1981.

The Mayor of Zalamea; or The Best Garotting Ever Done, adaptation of a play by Calderon,.Salamander Press, 1981.

The Government Inspector, adaptation of a play by Nikolai Gogol, London: Methuen, 1985.

You Must Believe All This, adaptation of "A Holiday Romance" by Dickens, London: Thames Television-Methuen, 1981.

A Child's Christmas in Wales, with Jeremy Brooks from Dylan Thomas's works. Dramatic Publishing Company, l984.

The Tragedy of King Real, screenplay, in Peace Plays, ed. Stephen Lowe, London Methuen, 1985.

The Government Inspector, new adaptation of Gogol. Methuen, 1985.

Animal Farm, lyrics only, book by Peter Hall from the novel by George Orwell, London: Methuen, 1985.

The Pied Piper. Oberon, l987.

The Patchwork Girl of Oz, Dramatic Publishing Company, l988.

The Wild Animal Song Contest and Mowgli's Jungle. Heinemann Plays, 1993.

The Siege. Oberon, l996.

Plays With Songs - Tyger Two, Man Friday, Satie Day/Night and In The Unlikely Event of an Emergency. Oberon, 1996.

The Snow Queen, Oberon, l997.

Beatrix Potter's Tom Kitten and his Friends. Samuel French, 1998.

Three Plays by Calderon. Adaptations of The Mayor of Zalamea, Life's A Dream (with John Barton) and The Great Theatre

of the World. Oberon, 1998.

Two Plays by Lope da Vega. Adaptations of Fuente Ovejuna and Lost In a Mirror. Oberon, l998.

The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, adapted from the C. S. Lewis story,

Oberon, 1998.

The Mammoth Sails Tonight! , Oberon, l999.

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Oberon, 2001

Peter Rabbit and His Friends, Oberon, 2004

Aladdin (Doublejoint, Belfast, 2004)

King of Shadows (NYSTI, New York, 2005)

Nobody Rides the Unicorn (Puppetcraft, 2005)

Perseus and the Gorgon's Head (Puppetcraft, 2006)

The Fear Brigade (Global Village, 2006)

Maudie and the Green Children (Playhouse project in four theatres, 2008)

Children's Plays

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