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aka The Dogfather, Apeman Mudgeon...


Adrian Mitchell


Fantasy Pamphlet No.24. (Fantasy Press,1955).

Poems. (Jonathan Cape,1964)

Out Loud. (Cape Goliard, 1968).

Ride The Nightmare. (Cape,1971).

The Apeman Cometh. (Cape, 1975).

For Beauty Douglas. Collected Poems 1953-1979. (Allison and Busby,1982).

On The Beach At Cambridge. (Allison and Busby, 1984).

Love Songs Of World War Three. Collected Stage Lyrics. (Allison and Busby,1988).

Adrian Mitchell's Greatest Hits - The Top Forty. (Bloodaxe Books, 1992).

Blue Coffee. ( Poems l986-l995. Bloodaxe, 1996).

Heart On The Left. (Collected Poems 1953-85). (Bloodaxe, 1997).

All Shook Up - Poems l996-2000 (Bloodaxe, 2000).

The Shadow Knows - Poems 2000-2004 (Bloodaxe, 2004).

In Person - anthology of 30 poets including Adrian, all with DVD (Bloodaxe, 2008).

Nothingmas Day (Allison and Busby 1984)

Strawberry Drums (Anthology, Macdonald 1989)

All My Own Stuff (Simon and Schuster l991).

The Thirteen Secrets Of Poetry (Macdonald 1993).

The Orchard Book Of Poems (Anthology, Orchard Books l995)

Balloon Lagoon (Orchard Books l997)

Dancing In The Street (Anthology for teenagers, Orchard l999)

Zoo of Dreams (Orchard Books 2001)

A Poem a Day (Anthology, Orchard Books 2001)

Daft as a Doughnut (Orchard 2004). Chosen by the Poetry Book Society

as the year's best single author collection of children's poems.


Poetry for Children

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